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Angie Nguyen is an Artist with many years of experiences in the industry, she will design the eyebrow shape for each client’ s face and choose the right color to suit each client’ s skin color


Angie will use the latest technology to avoid skin damage, no swelling, no infection and look very natural and beautiful right after it's done. Especially if you are looking for extra income for each month, or you are passionate about this job, please register now for a professional course with Angie Nguyen, to ensure the quality of learning each course Angie will only accept 1-2 students, she will guide students with all her knowledge and experiences so that each student can be more confident to work on customers after the course.


For those who have gone through the courses but because of the time conditions are not practiced on guests or still not confident enough to work on clients, Angie will ensure, enthusiastic guidance, sharing experiences to bring you with confidence and improve skills in the work you love.




  • Assuming the role of judge for International competitions

  • Achieved the title of "The Golden Hand Artisan of Asian Cosmetic Industry 2019"

  • Achieved the title of "Royal Artist"by the prestigious company Phibrow, which specializes in training PMU There are over 10 certificates of prestigious Masters in the world about PMU As an Artist is trusted and cherished by clients for many years

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