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Types of Courses 


Basis Microblading, Microblading & Shading

Advanced Class in Microblading "Angie Brows"

Ombré Brows, Powder Brows Shading , Pencil Effect or Makeup effect

Permanence Makeup like pro ( Brows,Lips, eyeliner )



Contents of the course


Microblading and Shading

Understanding Microblading Theory

Dealing with all Skin Types and Face Shapes

Color Theory and Skin Tones

Measuring and Drawing the Perfect Eye Brow 

Hands-on Hair Patterns and Stroking the Perfect Brow

Hands-on Skin stretching technique

Applying pressure to the skin


Microblading Pigments

Needles and Proper Usage

Numbing Agents

Topicals and Post Care

Permanent Makeup Health & Safety

The Key to a Great Consultation and Consent Form

Techniques of creating Dots and Powdering

Techniques of Makeup effects or Pencil effects

General knowledge of how tails of brows darker and fade to lighter of Ombré

Treat to solve old eyebrows that are turned blue, red, gray

The technique of the deposit pigment

Setting up your station Licensing and permit legalities


Infection information


Maintaining Professional Microblading Environment

Pre and Post Care Sanitation and Sterilization

Practicals on Various Silicone Skins 


Hands-on Microblading on Models – Hands-on Master Your Skill, Master Your Business Marketing Microblading and much more! 


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